Cynthia Drasler Becomes Mompreneur with Organic Excellence Skincare Line

Alarmed at her inability to find skin-care products safe for her toddler, Cynthia Drasler created her own.

Twenty years ago, Cynthia Drasler was a successful pharmaceutical representative – so successful that her company, Bristol-Myers Squibb, paid for her to get a master’s in business administration. But during her 12-year career, in which she specialized in cancer drugs, she became increasingly disillusioned.

“After learning firsthand from many top oncologists that an increasing number of cancers today are environmentally caused from toxic chemicals that overwhelm our bodies,” she said, “my focus shifted.”

As an at-home mom raising a toddler, she noticed how her child’s skin would become inflamed after a bath or shampoo. She became convinced that chemicals in the soap were causing the problem, yet she couldn’t find any organic products on the market. When her daughter had a severe skin reaction to a face painting at age 2, she knew she had to do something.

“I had to put my actions where my heart was,” she said. “I needed to help my daughter.”

In 2000, Drasler launched Organic Excellence, a line of herb-based personal-care products that are free of chemicals. In 2005, she was named a Time Magazine “mompreneur” – a mother who started a company to help her children.

Drasler’s daughter is now in her teens, but Drasler remains firmly committed to her cause.

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