Family’s Clothing Line Promotes Positivity

This husband-and-wife team would like everyone to wear their hearts on their sleeves -- and their chests, and their backs.

Be kind: It seems like such simple advice, doesn’t it? And most of the time, you’re friendly to everyone you meet — but when you’re battling traffic to make your way to a meeting you’re already late for, being kind to your fellow motorists is probably pretty far down on your list of priorities.

But now, Connecticut couple Nooran and Michael Scully have come up with a solution for beating the road-rage demons — in the form of a simple T-shirt. The Scullys call their new clothing line, the B*Kindwear Clothing Company,  “clothing with a purpose.  ” And that purpose, of course, is promoting kindness towards our fellow human beings.

The couple’s twin 4-year-old daughters served as inspiration for the clothing line. Like most kids, they fight. A lot.  “I was always yelling, ‘be kind, share, be nice,’  ” Nooran told the North-Central Connecticut Journal Inquirer.

One day, she and the girls were decorating shirts; to help her daughters remember the important lesson, she wrote the words “Be Kind ” on one of the shirts. Soon, it occurred to her and Michael that others might enjoy wearing clothing with positive messages, too. In March 2006, the B*Kind brand was born.

Now, the company sells shirts and baseball caps for children and adults with messages like “be kind,  ” and “kindness is contagious. ” They also have plans to start including “kindness cards ” with each purchase, which will give instructions for simple acts the purchaser can do to make the world a better place.

“We want to create an underground revolution of kindness toward others,  ” said Nooran.

If you want to join the Scullys’ positive mission, visit the company’s Web site,, to learn more.