Gimundo Gift Guide: What to Buy for Baby

As the next installment in our Gift Guide series, here are some suggestions for babies, based on our own little one's favorite things.

We recently had a baby girl, and haven’t been able to stop ourselves from picking up all sorts of goodies for her over the few months she’s been around. If you’ve got a little one to buy for, here are a few ideas, based on our Leah’s recommendations. We’d let her tell you herself, but her typing skills still need a little bit of work.

The World of Peter Rabbit book set. It’s never too early to start reading to a child, and with this beautiful gift box of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit series, you’re sure to while away hours in an armchair, telling your little one tales of the famous little bunny and all his forest friends. If you don’t have the bookshelf space for the full set, pick up the super-affordable all-in-one version instead.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym. Featuring a wide variety of wonderful hanging toys, and lights and music that are activated by baby’s movement, this playgym will keep any little one enthralled for hours. For even more fun, switch it up with some new toys—any linkable toy can be connected to the gym in a snap.

Violet’s Peapod Sleep Sack. Sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, is every parent’s worst nightmare—but there’s some good news around. Parents can reduce the risk of SIDS by keeping blankets and other loose objects away from their sleeping babies. Instead, keep baby bundled up safe and warm at night in a sleep sack, which is a blanket that’s worn on the body, with no risk of suffocation. We love the soft, organic sleep sack from Violet’s Peapod, which are available in a variety of adorable patterns. Check out the site to find a sleep sack that will give your sleeping angel the ultimate in comfort and safety.

Bumbo Babysitter. For babies who aren’t quite ready to sit up on their own, the Bumbo is a soft, supporting chair that gives infants a chance to get a better perspective on their surroundings from an upright position, and may help them develop stronger back and neck muscles.

Kicky Pants clothes. These soft, beautiful, vibrantly colored outfits are made from sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo. There are plenty of cute prints for kids, with a line of maternity wear for expectant moms, too1.

Beco Butterfly II Baby Carrier. When you’re going out on a walk or an excursion to the shops, it’s far more fun and convenient to wear your little one, rather than push her in a stroller. For a sturdy and reliable, yet ultra-comfortable carrier, we love the Beco Butterfly, which comes in a wide assortment of lovely prints.

Raffi. The Wiggles may be all the rage these days, but we’re starting out our little Leah with a tried-and-true classic from our own childhood: Raffi. Though this kiddie-focused troubador may have fallen off the radar in recent years, his songs stand up to the test of time. Our daughter’s favorite (so far) is the classic “Baby Beluga.”

Jacques the Peacock.
Bright colors, fun textures, and unique sounds are the keys to keeping a baby’s attention. The vibrant plush toy Jacques the Peacock from Lamaze has a vibrant array of colors, and comes complete with a squeaker, a rattle, a mirror, and other patterns custom-created to help stimulate infants’ brain development. Best of all, he even comes with a link clip, which means that he can easily attach to a mobile, a stroller, a playgym, or any other place you want him. We love the entire product line from Lamaze—have a look at their other toys to find a new friend for a baby you love.