Give Your Body a Boost: A Guide to Vitamins

Want to quit getting sick as soon as flu season hits? Then take your vitamins. If you don't know what to try, we've rounded up a few of the best.

Already, the leaves are turning red with the first blush of autumn. The days are getting shorter, and there’s a bite in the air that wasn’t there last week. Before you know it, it’ll be time to drag your winter coat back out of the closet.

We’re not trying to bum you out – we know fall’s only just begun. But time moves fast, and it’s never too early to prepare for certain inevitabilities. Like, for instance, getting sick. As soon as the seasons change, you always seem to end up popping through a box of Kleenex every day. So how can you avoid coming down with the bug of the month as soon as the chill sets in?

Easy: Stock up on vitamins. If you’re not quite sure what’s right for you, we’ll break down a few of the best.

A multivitamin is a capsule that packs in a variety of different vitamins and antioxidants to promote year-round health. If you know you’re not getting enough nutrients in your day-to-day meals, taking a multivitamin is a great way to fill in the gaps. Most multivitamins also contain folic acid, which helps prevent birth defects in infants – so if you’re a woman who’s thinking about having a baby, you’ll want to consider starting your multivitamin regime now. Multivitamins can be great for almost anyone who’s trying to stay healthy, though – we like NSI Synergy Basic, which includes all the antioxidants, herbs, and vitamins you’ll need to get through cold season sniffle-free. Available at Amazon.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are the type of “good fats” (yes, they do exist) found in fish and nuts, which your body can’t produce on its own. So if you’ve got one of those pesky allergies, or you’re not a seafood lover, you’re probably not getting the daily dose of Omegas you need to keep your brain and joints in perfect shape. The solution? Try an Omega-3 supplement, such as Weil Nutritionals Omega-3 Softgels. Available at Amazon.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a substance naturally produced by the body that helps give you the necessary energy to stumble to your coffeemaker every morning before the caffeine kicks in. Unfortunately, our CoQ10 production decreases as we age – so, if you’re starting to feel a bit sluggish, a daily supplement of CoQ10 could be just what you need to get your body marathon-ready. If you could use a non-espresso-fueled energy boost, check out Nature Made CoQ10 Supplements. Available at Amazon.

If you’re not sure which supplement is right for you, it’s always best to check in with your physician for a professional opinion. But if you feel like your body could use a boost as the colder weather starts to settle in, one of these vitamin supplements could be just the trick for keeping fit and saving up your sick days for their intended use: A cruise to the Bahamas.