Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment: Winning People Over the Ethical Way

Guy Kawasaki's new book, Enchantment, is a manual for winning people over the right way.

Guy Kawasaki is a venture capitalist, a former Apple evangelist, a Twitter rockstar, and founder of AllTop, the incredibly helpful aggregator of just about everything on the ‘net—but he also seems like a genuinely nice guy. His new book, Enchantment, shows why that sense of hospitality serves him well.

Enchantment is written primarily for entrepreneurs, but it’s also a useful guide to anyone who wants to build better connections with others, which will ultimately help them succeed in work and personal life. By sharing proven tips from his own experiences hooking people on Apple computers back in the early days, Kawasaki provides a clear guide illustrating how to get people truly invested in what you’re doing.

The refreshing thing? There’s no sneaky business involved. Instead of manipulation, it’s all about demonstrating your own passion, being trustworthy, and getting to know the person you’re talking to so that you can tell how your product or service will suit her needs. Whether you’re trying to launch a new business or get hired for a job, this book belongs in your back pocket as a cheat sheet on how to get what you want—the ethical way.

Enchantment will be released tomorrow. Buy it now through Amazon.