Planet Earth Video Series

This amazing DVD series will change how you look at our planet.

Have you ever trekked across the Kalahari Desert with a herd of elephants, or followed a snow leopard into her den in the Himalayans? Have you gone deep-sea diving with vampire squids and sea spiders, or watched a great white shark devour a seal with a single gulp?

You don’t have to be the world’s most intrepid explorer to have adventures like these — in fact, you don’t even need to leave the house. Just sit back with a bag of popcorn and the Planet Earth DVD, and the entire planet is yours to explore.

This 11-part documentary film series, narrated by world-renowned British naturalist David Attenborough, is jam-packed with astonishing footage of our planet’s unique habitats in microscopic detail, from the Arctic pole to the Saharan desert, the highest mountains to the deepest caves, and everywhere in between.

The Planet Earth filmmakers spent more than five years scouring the globe for the most fascinating wildlife and natural events, and you’ll be amazed by their discoveries. The crew used the latest in high-tech camera gear to film wild animals in their habitats with a level of detail never before seen — though much of the footage was filmed from a helicopter, you’d never know it. On your TV screen, the animals look close enough to touch.

But even though thousands of wild animals make cameo appearances in Planet Earth, there’s only one real star of the show: the most fascinating and complex of all creatures, Earth itself. Isn’t it about time you were properly introduced?

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