Stuff We Like: StumbleUpon

If you haven't already discovered it, allow us to introduce you to the most addictive thing on the Internet: StumbleUpon.

If you’ve noticed that all your friends and colleagues have bloodshot eyes and keep nodding off in the middle of your conversations, don’t worry: Chances are, they haven’t been out crawling pubs with Amy Winehouse. They’ve probably just caught the Stumbling bug.

We should know – we’ve come down with the addiction ourselves, and are finding it very tough to break away from

Take some time to browse the world of Stumblers – meet Persiana, an Iranian woman who posts all sorts of fascinating links to Iranian arts, culture, and photography on her blog. Want to be an eco-warrior? Check out Burkinaboy’s great page for links to all things green. Passionate about art and photography? Visit funkytown-art’s beautiful blog. And, of course, if you love Gimundo, feel free to check out our (completely unofficial) StumbleUpon page.

Once you’ve found a few like-minded souls, just add them to your friends list – you don’t even need to say hello unless you want to. It just means that you’ll have the chance to see all the stuff they loved when you start checking out sites.

Finally, it’s time to start Stumbling: Just click the “stumble” icon in the StumbleUpon toolbar, and the application will find a web page customized to fit the interests you selected earlier. It could be a page that one of your friends recommended, or maybe something passed along by a stranger. If you like it and want to recommend it to others, click on the “thumbs up” icon. If it’s not your style, thumb it down. It’s web-surfing, Roger Ebert-style.

We would go on (and on and on), but our fingers are itching to hit that Stumble button some more, so we’ll make this the end of our little primer – for more tips and advice, visit StumbleUpon’s comprehensive help page.

Happy stumbling – and we hope you get some sleep tonight!