Starry-Night Bed Offers High-Tech Luxury Sleep

Thanks to the new Wi-Fi-equipped Starry Night Bed, you can stay connected even in your dreams.

All day long, you’re hooked up to the world. You’ve got your iPod, your cell phone or PDA, your high-speed Wi-Fi. If you’re hungry, you can place your pizza order with a few mouse clicks. While you pretend to be working, you can peruse the latest updates on Britney’s breakdown or the Barack-Hillary debates at your favorite blogs. And when it’s time to buy a birthday present for your cousin, just click on over to Amazon, and you’ll have it covered in seconds.

Most of us are living totally wired lives all day long, but nighttime’s another story: Once we turn the lights out, we tend to take a break from all our high-tech toys, and concentrate on getting some uninterrupted shut-eye.

But the new Starry Night Bed is set to change all that (at least for those of you with an extra 20 to 50 grand to spare). The bed, developed by Missouri-based company Leggett and Platt, offers an array of ultra-luxe innovations, including an internal water-heater for temperature control, an iPod docking station, wireless Internet access with a LCD wall display, surround-sound speakers, and the ability to schedule changes in angle and elevation.

Best of all, though, are the bed’s internal sensors, which can rotate the bed if you start to snore – which your sleeping partner is sure to love (and if you don’t have one, this might help you find one). The sensors can also monitor an individual’s sleep patterns, making a note of when you seem unusually restless, and offering recommendations for a better rest the next night, such as taking advantage of the bed’s relaxing massage option.

The bed’s only problem? With all those cool gadgets to play with, we’re not sure how you’d ever get to sleep.