The Best Kindle Tools, Accessories, and Resources

Our round-up of the best e-book and Kindle products and accessories.

If you got a Kindle, Nook, or other e-reader in your stocking this Christmas, you’re not the only one: e-books were one of the most popular gifts in America this year. Truth be told, I splurged way before Christmas on a Kindle of my own—and months later, I’m still in love. It weighs next to nothing, it’s easy on the eyes, and (key for a nursing mom), you can read it with just one hand. For a book-lover like me, it’s pure joy.

If you haven’t spent much time with your new e-reader yet, here are a few suggestions on what will make this unique reading experience even better.

Books! Completely obvious, yes, but you’ll need a few e-books to make the most of an e-reader. For the best value, start with the huge collections of free classics (Jane Austen, Benjamin Franklin, and more), then venture on to some great recent works like Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken and Bill Bryson’s At Home.

Instapaper. Ever come across a fascinating article online that you just don’t have time to read right then? Enter Instapaper. This free browser plug-in will download long articles with the push of a button, which can be mailed to your Kindle or e-reader. Check out their editor’s picks for some fascinating reads, or take a gander at the essays selected by Longreads.

Lighted cover. Need a little more illumination for your bedtime reading? No problem—just slip on a Kindle cover with a built-in book light, like this lovely green selection.

Scrabble. Did you know Kindle isn’t just for reading? Now you can play games, too. See how you fare in the war of words, Scrabble.

GelaSkins Kindle Skins. These skintight covers protect your Kindle from scratches, yes, but they’re also gorgeous in their own right. I love this dreamy bookshelf image.