Captain Jack Sparrow Visits Childrens’ Hospital

The perks of being a famous pirate are many, not least of which is bringing a smile to some very special kids.

Johnny Depp created one of the most beloved film characters of all time, Pirates of the Caribbean's Captain Jack Sparrow. His lilt, his garb, and his comedic timing make Jack Sparrow (famously modeled after rocker Keith Richards) a favorite among kids and adults alike. This week, Johnny Depp slipped back into his Pirates of the Caribbean getup for a visit to an Australia childrens' hospital, and was joined by costar Stephen Graham, who played pirate Scrum. The friendly swashbucklers spent time with those staying in the Queensland hospital, mingling with patients and their families, as well as hospital staff. An extra bottle of rum to Captain Jack Sparrow for his heart and his efforts.