Good news for South Carolina Elementary Schools comes with a message from Stephen Colbert

Comedian Stephen Colbert made a commitment to fund more than $800,000 in classroom supplies requests for his home state of South Carolina.

It may not have been the largest donation granted to a kid's cause this week, but this one sure showed heart. If you know a teacher (or are one), you've heard about or experienced how difficult it can be to get special projects, programs and materials funded. Items as synonymous to education as pencils, erasers, dodgeballs and books can fall aside under the category of "special projects". 

So let's say you're top-notch comedic rock star Stephen Colbert and you're auctioning off the set of The Colbert Report, what are you doing with that extra cash? You announce through that you will fund every single classroom project request made by your home state schools in South Carolina. Because for you $800,000 is do-able, and funding almost 1,000 special projects for over 800 teachers at 375 schools is a gift with heart, purpose, and loyalty to your home state. And you announce your donation to a room full of awesomely stoked kids, because kids rock.

Well done, sir.