World’s Biggest Band Plays Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly”

More than 1,000 musicians gather in Cesena, Italy to play a Foo Fighters song.

Fabio Zaffagnini, a Foo Fighters fan in Cesena, Italy, was eager to see the band play in his hometown, but knew it wasn't likely. So he decided to do something epic to get the band's attention: Gather a crowd of more than 1,000 musicians to perform one of the Foo Fighters' greatest hits, Learn to Fly. The many band members gathered one day in an open field to collectively rock out to the song, while being professionally filmed. And, though it seemed like a long shot, the stunt seems to have worked: Dave Grohl responded to the video in a video of his own, to say “This video, is so beautiful, it’s bellissimo, grazie mille. We’re coming. I promise. See you soon. Thanks a million.”

Check out the pure joy of a thousand people making music together.

(Note: If you've got kids around and are worried about foul language, hit pause once the song finishes.)